Кулинарный тур по Мексике: Мехико, Пуэбла и Оахака (12 дней)

Taste your way through Mexico’s divine history by sampling some of the finest gastronomic offerings in all of the country with renowned chefs and local families.
This trip is designed for travelers to experience the absolute best of traditional Puebla and Oaxacan cuisine while also sampling some of the country’s more contemporary styles in Mexico City. In addition to visiting traditional markets and taking cooking classes in each city with top-rated chefs and local, indigenous families, you will enjoy some of the region’s most important and beautiful historic sites, making the trip ideal for those who love great food served with magnificent history and culture.

Mexico City – Visit historical places such as the  Zocalo, Palacio Nacional, and Metropolitan Cathedral
History of Chocolate – Enjoy a tasting of 100% artisan chocolate and visit the chocolate museum
Puebla – Enjoy a private tour of Puebla’s Historic City Center and learn about the city’s unique gastronomy
Oaxaca – Visit some of the city’s highlights, and nearby archaeological ruins and artisan villages
Mezcal – Visit San Dionisio Ocotepec & Santiago Matatlan, two  towns with authentic mezcal distilleries.
Cooking Class with Zapotec Family – Enjoy a regional cooking class and lunch as special guest in a Zapotec family home

Day 1: Arrival to  Mexico City
Today you will be met by your driver outside of customs (international flights) and will be privately transferred to your Hotel, for check in and rest of evening at leisure. Enjoy dinner (on your own) at one of the many gourmet Mexican restaurants in the area, our suggestion is Pujol by acclaimed Chef Enrique Olvera which was named by Wall Street Journal as the “best restaurant in Mexico City” and ranked as the 17th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine in 2013.

Overnight: St. Regis Mexico City 

Day 2: Mexico City Cooking Class / Historic Center With Chocolate Tasting
Accompanied by your locally renowned cook, you will have a cultural and culinary experience in the heart of one of Mexico City´s most artistic and dynamic neighborhoods – La Roma. Casa Jacaranda is a beautifully restored mansion where your hands-on cooking lesson begins. You will learn how to make different types of salsas for your cochinita, mojo, ceviche or al pastor tacos served on handmade tortillas which you will prepare yourself!

Later this afternoon enjoy a brief walking tour of historical Mexico City including visits to the most important sites such as the magnificent main square (Zocalo), the national palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and a view of the Templo Mayor from above. Your day concludes with a chocolate tasting at the Mucho Mundo Chocolate museum, where you will become a chocolate expert in two hours. The Mucho Mundo Chocolate Museum is a cultural and educational institution where you will use all five senses to appreciate delicate artisanal cacao as you sample various chocolates in its many delicious forms.

Overnight: St. Regis Mexico City

Day 3: Private Full Day Tour to Southern Neighbourhoods with Xochimilco and lunch at the market
Your personal guide will meet you at your hotel lobby and you will be driven to San Angel. With its narrow, cobbled streets and large colorful houses, it can be hard to believe that San Angel is part of Mexico City. If you visit on a Saturday you will be able to explore the Bazar del Sabado, an art and artisan market that brings people to San Angel from all over the city. You will then continue on to Coyoacán, you may wander down the tree-lined street as you observe the colorful, heavy brick architecture.

Sixty-four of the buildings on this street are catalogued by Mexico’s INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) for their historic value. For lunch, your guide will lead you on a journey for the senses as you discover the Mercado Coyoacán and sit down to savor the flavors of your meal at this authentic Mexican market.

Next you will head to Frida Kahlo’s Blue House. The house where Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was born and later died, is now a museum dedicated to her life. Through observing her house, her art and reading her words you will learn more about this painter who has become an iconic figure in Mexico and beyond.

Having explored the Blue House, you will then be driven to Xochimilco, roughly a 30-minute drive from Coyoacán (15km). Meaning ‘Place of the Flowers,’ Xochimilco is famous for its canals. These canals made up part of vast man-made waterways surrounding the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs built fertile riverbeds called chinampas, using wattle, mud and river sediment, on which they were able to grow many of their staple crops. You will experience the canals on a colorful boat called a trajinera, and discover that the chinampas are still in use today but for growing flowers rather than food crops. Your guide will be on hand to point out the local wildlife that is abundant in Xochimilco despite it being part of one of the most populated cities in the world.

If time allows you will also have a chance to visit the Museum of Dolores Olmedo, a 16th century building with a collection of fine works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, as well as hundreds of pre-Hispanic figurines and sculptures.

Overnight: St. Regis Mexico City 

Day 4: Mexico City Markets
One of the best ways to get to know a city is by walking through its historic neighborhoods. This experience beings with walking through the vibrant community of Roma to learn about the vicinity´s history  with insider tips on local shops and businesses and an explanation of the area´s architecture and its uniqueness in what is one of the largest cities in the world. Then visit a local market and learn about Mexico´s vast and rich cuisine, an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, by way of its regional and season chilies, produce, seeds, flowers and spices. Today’s lunch is suggested at Nikos Restaurant (not included).

Overnight: St. Regis Mexico City

Day 5: Private Transfer to Cholula via Paso de Cortes / Traditional Lunch and drop off in Puebla
Your personal guide will meet you at your hotel and you will journey together to the city of Cholula, roughly a 3 hour drive from Mexico City (138 km), through the Paso de Cortes.

Paso de Cortés is a mountain pass about 3600 meters above sea level in central Mexico. The pass acquired its name from the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who crossed it in 1519 when seeking the conquest of the Aztec capital.

En route you will stop to enjoy a regional lunch where you will try fresh blue corn quesadillas stuffed with chicken tinga or squash blossoms, and a warm cup of atole or coffee. Then continue on to Cholula, considered by some the oldest inhabited city in the Americas. The town is home to the Great Pyramid of Cholula, the largest in the world today.

Upon conclusion you will be driven to your hotel in Puebla (16 km, 35 minutes).

*Please be aware that weather conditions in the Paso de Cortes may interfere with mountain and volcano views.*

Overnight: Rosewood Puebla

Day 6: Foodie Walking Tour in Puebla
Meet your knowledgeable guide in your hotel lobby for an adventurous day of Mexican culinary specialties. Foodie lovers will stroll down the streets of Puebla exploring favorite traditional spots to grab a bite. The first stop on this quest is a small local place for tamales and café. On this tour, you’ll eat like a true local, tasting molotes, pelonas and semitas, some of the most traditional poblano delicacies, and then you’ll savor tacos at the Tacos Arabes stand.

Along the way your guide will point out and tell you about some of the most iconic historic buildings, such as Palafoxiana, the first library in the Americas, and Capilla del Rosario, a magnificent chapel. Finish with a stroll down Calle de los Dulces, a three-block street lined with sweet shops, and a stop at La Gran Fama Dulceria. Taste handmade confections and be sure to try the camotes, Puebla’s signature candy made from sweet potato.

After this tour of culinary delights, your driver will take you to your hotel to enjoy an afternoon at your leisure.

Overnight: Rosewood Puebla

Day 7: Market Visit & Mole Culinary Experience
Chef Martin Cortez leads this engaging four-hour cooking class as your private bilingual guide stands by for any needed translation. The morning starts with a visit to Acocota, the local market, where Chef Cortez will introduce you to his favorite merchants and teach you about local ingredients, spices and seasonings. You’ll also learn how to source the best and freshest ingredients to create the legendary mole poblano, named after the city of Puebla.

You will be welcomed to the kitchen of Casa de la China Poblana Hotel with some Pasita, a traditional local beverage, and then your culinary experience begins. Chef Cortez will guide you step by step in preparing the classic traditional dish, mole poblano. Once the delicious meal is ready to eat, sit down to savor your creation. You can top off the experience with a taste of Yolixpa, a traditional drink prepared with aromatic herbs and brandy. After this feast of your senses, you’ll be driven back to your hotel.

Overnight: Rosewood Puebla

Day 8: Private Transfer to Oaxaca / Evening Oaxaca Delicacies Tour
Today after breakfast and hotel check out, you will meet your guide for a private transfer to Oaxaca (4hrs, 339km).

At arrival, you may settle in to your charming hotel and refresh before meeting with your private guide for an evening Oaxaca delicacies tour.

You will discover special places outside the tourist area that locals prefer and enjoy outstanding Mezcales and then one of Oaxaca’s most famous night delicacies’: a grilled Tlayuda! The tour begins at a great local “hole in the wall” Mezcaleria, where we will explain and taste anywhere between 4-8 different varieties of excellent mezcales a learning and savoring experience of the authentic flavor of the endemic agaves of this region: The land of Mezcal! Then we will go to a popular, clean and delicious local favorite night eatery and enjoy a great grilled Oaxacan Tlayuda with choice of toppings, a cold drink and on Fridays & Saturdays live music.

Overnight: Casa Oaxaca

Day 9: Private Half Day City Tour / Cooking Class with Market Tour
Prepare to discover Oaxaca’s Historic City Center. You will learn about the city’s cultural heritage while visiting the Oaxaca Museum of Culture, which holds an impressive exhibit of the treasure found in one of the tombs at the Monte Alban archaeological site. Time and interest permitting, you will also visit the Art of Oaxaca and Quetzalli art galleries. You will have a chance to try some of Oaxaca’s regional delicacies like hot chocolate and grasshoppers. You will have time for a light lunch (not included) during your city tour.

Afterward, you will be dropped off at Casa Crespo’s cooking class led by Oscar Carrizosa. The class focuses on recipes that can be recreated at home. You will learn about Oaxacan cuisine and ingredients while walking over to the local market with the chef and sourcing the ingredients that you will later cook with. The chef will teach you how to find the freshest and best ingredients and will introduce you to some of the merchants.

Returning to the kitchen you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to make two types of tortillas, three salsas, an appetizer, and a soup, one of the many moles, a dessert, a drink and guacamole. Once the cooking is complete you will sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor accompanied by a shot of Casa Crespo’s own mezcal or a Mexican beer.

Upon completion, you will go on a leisurely 10 minute walk back to your hotel for the rest of the evening at leisure.

Overnight: Casa Oaxaca

Day 10: Teotitlan Del Valle Early Market Visit & Cooking Class with Zapotec Family
Meet your guide for a full day excursion to Teotitlan Del Valle, possibly the prettiest village in the east side of the valley. Here, there is a remarkable XVI century church with authentic. At arrival, you will enjoy a guided visit to Teotitlan Del Valle Market followed by a visit to a family home to see the process of how traditional woven rugs are made. Many still use the traditional techniques of carding and spinning their own wool, then dying it with natural colors and finally weaving on solid-wood looms.

Later, you will enjoy a regional cooking class and lunch as special guest in a Zapotec family home to share with the locals some secrets of Oaxacan cuisine. Oaxaca is famous worldwide for its offerings; both Gourmet Magazine and The New York Times have praised Oaxacan Cuisine as the most authentic food in Mexico. Late afternoon estimated arrival back at Hotel for rest of evening at leisure.

Overnight: Casa Oaxaca

Day 11: Full Day Excursion to Mitla Archaeological Site & MezcalTasting
This full-day experience will take you on a journey into Mesoamerica at the ceremonial site of Mitla and an exploration of the art of Mezcal production.

You will journey to the archaeological site of Mitla (45 mins, 40 km). The site is famous for its intricate mosaic work that is found in no other Mesoamerican center. The mosaics, made from finely cut and polished stone, were fitted together without mortar and set against deep-red stucco, which remains vibrant in much of the site today. You will be led on an exploration of the site by your guide and have the chance to enter the tombs found there. Your time at Mitla will also include a visit to the 16th Century church built on a pre-Hispanic platform that now functions as an atrium. It is one of the clearest expressions of Mesoamerican and Catholic syncretism found in the region and is home to fragments of original codices (Mesoamerican writings).

Having explored Mitla, you will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant nearby before continuing your journey through the valley of Oaxaca to the “Mezcalerias” in the towns of San Dionisio Ocotopec, San Baltazar Chichicapam and Santa Catarina; you may have lunch (not included) at a traditional restaurant in one of the towns. These distilleries produce quality mezcal using varied distillation methods. You will be visiting the producers in each town and learn how donkey-power is still used in the fermentation process and learn about the differences between distillation still using the traditional copper and the pre-Columbian clay.

After your mezcal tasting experience, your private guide will drive you back to your hotel for the rest of the evening at leisure.

Overnight: Casa Oaxaca

Day 12: Departure Day
Today you will be picked up for your onward flight home.